Magento SEO

1. Download Bablic's PHP SDK (from Here )
2. Place "bablic.php" in the main Magento folder (if you're not sure where that is, look for the folder containing index.php)
3. Edit index.php and add this snippet to the top of the file:
require 'bablic.php';
$site_id = '[SITE ID]';
$bablic = new BablicSDK(
        'site_id'=> $site_id
4. Replace [SITE ID] in the snippet with your Bablic site ID.
And that's it basically, Bablic will now catch all bot requests and respond using our SEO service.

Advanced options

$bablic->handle_request() accepts an array with some advanced options:
    'debug' => false, //optional
    'nocache' => false, //optional
    'url' => 'some.url' //optional
debug   - pass true to turn on the SEO service for non-bot requests (for development purposes only)
nocache   - pass true to turn off caching (not recommended - will make the server response slower)
url   - pass a URL that will be used as your hostname, use this if you are behind a proxy / load balancer and the Bablic SDK fails to detect your correct hostname.